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  • Client Testimonials

    Experience counts. Hear from those who have already experienced the power of Vortex

    Rosie Godden

    Rosie Godden

    Operations Director


    "Rick provided fantastic quality content with great communication and efficiency. We will definitely be working together for the long term and would happily recommend him to others! Thanks again!"

    Romina Rodriguez do Campo

    Founder and CEO, .txt

    TXT Studio - International Copywriting and Translation Services

    "I consider myself lucky to have found Rick. Words became treasures in his hands. He is a professional, kind, and creative writer with a special gift for putting ideas and emotions into words."

    Natalia Zalesinska

    Founder, Quantum Coach Ltd

    "Rick has done a great job! I am very pleased with the results he has got me."

    Matt Knight


    Matt Knight Training and Nutrition

    "Rick is awesome. Very personable, hard working and very good at what he does. Friendly, great to work with and gets the results."

    Stuart Hill, ROKH

    Stuart Hill


    ROKH Productions

    "If you need help with marketing I highly recommend Rick Siderfin at Vortex. He knows what really works and is great to work with, as well as being very adaptable and creative. Thanks for your help Rick."

    Derek Ferrol

    Managing Director, Easy Recruit UK

    Great work, fast turnaround, Rick also threw in a bit extra, going above and beyond the requirements. Great stuff - easy to work with.

    Kathryn Beeson


    ConvertedMedia.com | DiscoverCRM.com

    "Rick is able to research your target market and then write in a way which connects with them in a very compelling way. His business experience really shows in his work, which gives your customers and prospects confidence in the value of the content you have provided them. If you are serious about content marketing, you need writers that really know what they are doing, and Rick certainly fits into that category."

    Jason Corgiat

    Founder and CEO


    "Rick is a superstar. If you're looking for someone to write 'articles', lots of people can do that. If you're looking for someone to take a topic, do extensive research, zero in on your tone of voice & target audience, then create a well written, compelling, thoughtful piece of content that checks all the digital marketer's handbook best practice boxes....then Rick is your man. His first work with us landed him a dedicated spot on our team, and we've been at this 16 years."

    Dalton Butler

    Founder and CEO, Healthia.co.uk

    "Rick is very professional and a pleasure to work with. His communication is excellent every step of the way and he delivers great work."

    Liam Stay

    Business Development Manager, Integra UK Ltd

    "Rick has carried out some marketing work for us and I would thoroughly recommend him for his creativity and ability."

    Jason Leister

    Founder and Publisher


    "Rick has the rare ability to spot opportunity where others see nothing.

    If you can get him on your team, you'll find out just how valuable

    this skill can be."

    Jason White, Ellis Machinery

    Jason White

    Marketing Manager


    "Professional and helpful - Rick and his team at Vortex have helped us regularly with copy for our website, which in turn has helped boost our SEO rankings and improve traffic to our website"

    Stanley Bielenik



    “Rick knows how to take your ideas and make them into masterpieces. Every business that is serious about marketing needs the skills he can bring. I really appreciate the way he puts himself in your shoes and makes your life easier by adding thoughtful little touches to the work without even being asked – he takes pride in his work and is overflowing with good ideas to promote your business.”

    Rob Taylor

    General Manager, Atom Logistics

    Head of Group Buying, Universal Business Team

    "We have used Rick's content writing services for several years and I have no hesitation recommending him to any business needing help with their marketing."

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  • About Vortex

    The face behind the brand

    Rick Siderfin

    Helping you get noticed online

    After beginning to offer business writing and marketing services for clients around the world in 2011, as of February of 2017 I have become a full-time copywriter.


    We live in a world awash with poorly produced online content. Somewhere in the region of 2 million new blog posts are uploaded to the world wide web every single day. Amongst so much content, it is more important than ever that what your business puts out is exceptional in quality and usefulness.


    Helping business owners cut through all this noise and attract attention online is my mission. I look forward to helping you achieve yours.

  • What Vortex Does


    Creating words that sell, that position your company as the perfect solution to the needs of your target market, that effectively communicate your message - this is what Vortex do best.


    A well-planned content marketing strategy, regularly executed, will inevitably lead to more sales enquiries and an enhanced Search Engine ranking.


    Vortex create original, branded content that offers real value to your target market. For example:


    Article Writing (Business Blogging)

    Attracting attention for your business online

    Regularly uploading fresh content to your website is like putting high-octane fuel in the tank of your car. Quality articles that offer real value to your market give visitors a reason to come back to your website again and again. They also give more opportunities for your website to be found with Google searches by your target market.


    The only problem? They're incredibly time consuming to create...and you have business to attend to. You can outsource the work, but all too often freelancers are relatively inexperienced in the world of business, and this quickly shows in their writing. You need articles that build on your solid reputation as a respected industry voice, not ones that tear it down.


    This is where Vortex Content come in, with carefully crafted, original articles that perfectly position your company as solution providers to your market.


    From £150 ($220).

    News Reports

    Whether it is a press release or a report on breaking news, Vortex Content can help

    Want to get featured in national press, or get a news report written for your online or print publication?


    Vortex can write and distribute a Press Release to every relevant media outlet, blogger and influencer (online and offline) right across the UK. This would be reviewed and distributed by a top UK based PR expert, with work published by every major national newspaper, national news outlet and glossy magazine. Recent media to feature our client PRs include The Times, The Guardian, FT, TIME, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Mail, The Mail on Sunday, The Mirror, Sky News, ITV, BBC, Channel 5, Evening Standard, and TechCrunch.

    From £250 ($350)

    White Paper Writing

    If you want to cement your reputation as a serious player in your industry, a branded White Paper is sure to get attention and respect.

    You can use it as a tool for brand building, getting more appointments, more leads, or release it free online in return for an email address and a contact name and number. (The 'Lead Magnet' method.)


    A White Paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex issue and presents your company's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.


    Vortex have written White Papers on subjects as diverse as Online Checkout Procedures and Bi Fold Doors! If you have a feeling a you could benefit from one yourself, why not get in touch today? From £450 ($640)

    Email Marketing

    Don't roll your eyes. The latest data shows that email is still the most effective route to market going into 2018.

    Maybe you think email marketing is dead. People everywhere grumble about too much email. The popular story is that "no one looks at their emails any more".


    Look around you. Really look. How many people can you see right now, checking their email? Unless you are visiting this website from your bed, I bet there are quite a few. The fact is, email still works, and companies that make a real effort to connect with their audience on a personal level through email are getting solid results. Time to join them, perhaps? From £250 ($350)

  • Even More Services

    Vortex offer a wide range of marketing and writing services. Find out more here.

    Sales Letters, Introduction Letters, Announcement Letters

    For when something special needs to be said...but you are not sure how to say it

    Staring at a blank page? Wishing you could just snap your fingers and have it magically fill with carefully-chosen words that will quickly and effectively convey your message to your audience? Good news - you can! Whether it is a thank-you letter, a welcome on board message, or a letter to woo back lapsed customers, Vortex can do it all - with speed.


    From £150 ($220)

    Data Base Cleanse

    From a complete overhaul to a small clean and dust, we can help you get your database in tip-top order

    If your email address database has not been used for a while, the data will need to be cleansed to weed out old addresses and out of date information. Let Vortex take the strain.


    From £300 ($425)

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