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The 4 day trust-building seminar, delivered in 4 seconds

By Jason Leister, Incomparable Expert

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As we witness the corporate media world crashing and burning, it's a good reminder of the power you have as a publisher and human being. 

Each communication you have with the world around you is an opportunity for you to either build trust or erode it. 

If no one trusts you, nothing else matters. It doesn't matter if you have a great product, it doesn't matter if your marketing is off the charts, it doesn't matter if you've read 40,000 copywriting books. 

No trust? You've got nothing. 

Now let me be specific here. When I say "trust" what I'm really talking about is that people TRUST that every time you show up, you have MORE than just your own self interest at heart. That's the type of trust that moves mountains. 

So how do you build this trust? 

I'll spare selling you the four day workshop to learn this "secret skill" of trust building because you were born knowing how to do it. 

You just have to choose if you're willing to do it or not. 

How do you build trust? 

You do things people who are worthy of trust do. 

Look at the people YOU trust, watch what they are doing. That's the recipe. 


Jason Leister 
Incomparable Expert 
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