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Animated Videos - What They Are


How They Can Benefit Your Business

By Rick Siderfin

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Animation can open up a whole new world of marketing possibilities for your business. No other medium can illustrate your product or service so concisely, or convey your core message in such a clear and fun way.

We are all familiar with cartoons and animations right from childhood. From Disney Pixar to Dreamworks, there have been no shortage of companies cashing in on this lucrative medium. The joy of watching human emotion and humour portrayed in an entirely fictional (and often unlikely) illustrated character never seems to grow old!

However, it's not just Hollywood studios that have been turning to animation to convey a message in recent years. It has become a popular and effective way for any size company to market themselves - and with good reason.

Why Choose Animated Video?

In addition to being a fun and engaging way to get your message across, animated video outshines other media due to its unique level of focus. With animation, you can choose to leave out distracting details and have the storyboard and script focus solely on what is directly relevant to your message. With conventional video, your viewers are much more likely to be distracted by background details and personalities. 

Animation focuses the human mind very directly on your specific story, enabling you to explain your message, concept, system, or method in a way that other media struggles to replicate.

Illustration is understood across all cultures and languages. It illuminates ideas and concepts in way that the written word or conventional video cannot. It taps into a universal form of communication that has existed since your ancient ancestor turned to his cave mate and said "that wall over there - why don't we scratch a picture of a scared-looking woolly mammoth onto it?"

Animated actors don’t necessarily fall into categories of age, race or nationality. They exist in a fictional world and can appeal to the whole spectrum of humanity. The way animation makes use of simplistic line drawings, bright colours and constant movement keeps the viewers eyes glued to the screen, appealing to both young and old. With animation, your settings and actors can evolve or remain the same over years – allowing you to keep recurrent actors, themes and brands for years to come whilst still creating fresh content.

So, How is an Animated Video Created?

Animation is really an illusion – an illusion of motion and an illusion of change. Images that are only minimally different from each other are rapidly displayed in sequence, which gives the impression of something morphing and changing – people walking and scenery passing by, for example. The simplest form of animation would be a flip book, something even toddlers can do to amuse themselves, flipping through the pages to make the character move and act out the story.

Traditionally each panel of the animation would have been created, either hand drawn, or clay figures, puppets or paper cut-outs, as in the famous John Lewis Christmas advert ‘The Bear and the Hare;'

However, this traditional, labour-intensive style of animation is very rarely used these days, as CGI – computer generated imaging - has enabled the effect to be replicated for a fraction of the cost. The process for creating a CGI animated video is pretty straightforward and requires just four components:

  1.  The Script. Arguably the most important part of the process is a script that uses just the right words, not too many and not too few, to convey your message. One minute of video requires a script of approximately 100 words. 
  2. The Storyboard. This provides the animator with the information they need to create the visuals for the video and involves the characters, the scenes, and the transitions between each scene - tied to different points of the script. 
  3. The Voiceover. This recording of your script can be provided by male or female voiceover artists, with a choice of accents (British and American tend to be the most popular accents, although there are plenty more you can choose from!)  
  4. The Call to Action. Often overlooked by inexperienced marketers, a good animated video will always end with a powerful call to action, telling the viewer what they should do next now that you have got their interest. 

What Results Can Animated Videos Get Me?

It is increasingly recognised that video is one of the most effective marketing tools your company can use to get noticed online. It can also boost your search engine optimisation rankings as the majority of search engines recognise video as a popular way for consumers to digest information.

You can easily integrate branding, charts, graphs and other data into the animation for easy comprehension by your viewer. Conversion rates from video can be extremely high - research by Retail Touchpoints has shown that prospects were up to 174% more likely to purchase goods or services once they had watched a video from the company.

Of course, the most obvious asset of video to your business is the way it can be utilised, shared, 'liked' and found across your social media channels. Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and many more channels support video. Social media reaches across all demographics and helps your message to reach beyond even your target market to gain unexpected responses. With the internet enabling people to share, search and browse anywhere, a video is always an enticement for the wandering eye.

OK. I'm Sold. Where Do I Sign Up?

Vortex Content can produce a custom 2D animated video for your business with prices starting from just £250 + VAT for a 60-second video like the one at the top of this article. Click the button below to get started. This time next week, you could be reaping the benefits of animated video for yourself!

PS Not ready yet? No worries. Leave your email address below if you are interested in hearing more about how to get noticed online, right to your inbox!

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