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How You Can Boost Your Mood Right Now

By Rick Siderfin

· Effectiveness,energy,health

What if I told you there was a way, right now, that you can boost your mood – not artificially, not requiring any stimulants to be consumed, and with no negative side effects?

What if I told you this proven method was completely free, and available to over 90% of the general population?

Good news – the method exists, and an extensive university study has confirmed our own experience – it really works.

To boost your mood, health, energy levels, focus, and creativity, all you need to do is take time out to go for a good walk.

You don’t have to achieve a certain pace or carry any special equipment. You don’t have to invest in a gym membership or a gadget to measure how many steps you are taking. Just get out there and walk.

The study was conducted with groups of sedentary volunteers who had to walk for 30 minutes during their lunch break, three times per week.

The results were conclusive. Not only did the walkers beat the control group, the detailed reports showed evidence of higher enthusiasm, energy, and reduced stress on the afternoons that followed the 30 minute walk.

Oh, and they also showed measurable improvements in their overall physical fitness and health after just 10 weeks.

In the Five Traits of Highly Successful People presentation by Robert Carrow, we learn how our thoughts control our feelings, and our feelings control our actions.

Our actions control our destinies.

To improve your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your health, you owe it to your future self to find time for a good walk today.

You can notice the benefits immediately, even if you live and work in an industrialised area, and can’t easily get to a park or to the countryside. If it’s raining, you can always take an umbrella and a good coat!

If you are at work and under pressure for time, consider this: can you take one of your tasks and turn it into a mobile one? For example, that one-to-one meeting you are planning – why not make it a walking one?

Look for other methods you can use to build walking into your daily life, too. Park in the furthest corner from the supermarket next time you go to shop. Consider walking to the shops instead of driving – the knowledge that you will have to carry everything you buy is a great incentive to buy only what you really need!

The consequences of a good mood are wide reaching.

You are more open to opportunities. You are alert, creative, and more patient with others. You’re more likely to laugh. You are more open to challenges.

You take a longer term view of things instead of letting short term difficulties cloud your vision and limit your thinking.

Go walk.

About the author: Rick Siderfin is a copywriter and content marketing expert, when he's not busy capturing aerial photographs and video with drones. You can find out more and hire Rick to write high-authority content for you (or even photograph you from 400 feet above ground level, should you so wish) at or

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