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Social Media Management Services

by Vortex Content

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Complete Done-For-You Social Media Management From Just £300 Per Month

Vortex Content can create and maintain a social media campaign to promote your business across the different social media channels. Each campaign is uniquely tailored to your business, but to give you an idea of what is available:

Initial Social Set up Package: (price on request)

  • Advise on the best platforms for you to have a presence on
  • Secure individual URLs for the social media pages.
  • Design all of the artwork in line with your company’s website to create a strong recognisable brand across all platforms.
  • Embed the latest functionalities within these pages.
  • Linking of all the social media profiles on to your website if necessary.

Moving on from the setup stage, we can then offer a management service:

  • Research your Industry and source valuable articles and key blogs.
  • Create all of the content and schedule out at the most appropriate times.
  • Focus on interactions and networking - putting your service in front of those who are most likely to want to purchase.
  • Manage all engagements and create personal responses for any enquiries that come via social media.
  • Ensure full company credibility and brand management in today’s market place.
  • Engage in marketing outside the social media channels looking at key forums, related blog, local groups and communities where we can create a presence to drive traffic back to your website.

Starter Package: £300 per month. Includes the complete management of one profile.

Silver Package: £400 per month. Includes the complete management of two profiles.

Gold Package: £600 per month. Includes the complete management of three profiles.

Platinum Package: £750 per month. Includes the complete management of up four profiles.

All prices exclude VAT. Interested? Click below to leave your details or contact us today for a custom quote!

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