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Not Dead Yet - Why Email Beats Social Media

by Rick Siderfin

· communication,Email Marketing,social media

If you aren't regularly staying in touch with your customers and prospects with email you are leaving money on the table. 


Because despite all the hype about social media, and despite all the articles out there about the death of email, the simple fact is that right now in 2017 it remains one of the most powerful, high-converting, low-cost ways to grow your business.

And, because people do actually want to hear from you - provided you have something worthwhile to say.

Yes, email can be a nuisance.

And yes, spam is a worry.

And yes, I know, people are very busy – in fact, too busy to read all the emails you might send them.

But you should still send them. Regularly. Once every other week is the minimum if you want your audience to remember you. Weekly is better. Twice a week is better still.

Does this frequency of sending result in some unsubscribes? Yes, of course.

But overall it gets higher engagement, faster growth, and much better results over time. It’s not complicated or particularly difficult to do. It sets you apart from the crowd. Your recipients can read the messages whenever they want – or they can ignore them altogether if they are just too busy that day.

But even if a high percentage of your emails don’t get opened, that’s fine. You’ll still come out ahead of persons that email less frequently.

Don’t believe me? Look back at the websites you have visited and spent money on over the last few months. How many of the purchases were triggered by email? Chances are, quite a few – and the highest of all is likely to be from persons that emailed you very regularly.

I get an email every morning from Amazon, for example. Mostly it gets deleted without being read. But occasionally, something in the headline will catch my eye, and I will open and maybe click through and purchase. When I need to buy a stopwatch, a heater, a torch, a birthday present….where do you think is the first source that pops into my mind? It’s Amazon, naturally – although I prefer to shop elsewhere when possible, still I will often check their website first for an idea of prices and to see customer reviews.

President Obama’s two election victories are often attributed to the proficiency of his team on social media. But what less people know is that the vast majority of donations to his campaigns were generated by email.

The point is, for now, email works. If you are not using it, you really will miss out in the longer term. Too busy to create and maintain an email marketing calendar? Why not ask Vortex to lend you a hand? It could be the best decision you will make all this year!

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